The capital and largest city is Tbilisi. The spoken languages are Georgian (official), Russian, and Armenian. Due to the presence of the Black Sea and a large mountain range, the climatic condition of Georgia is quite pleasant. The environment is suitable for students to make them stress-free, resulting in quality education with encouragement of social skills and a pleasant personality.

MBBS in Georgia:

Georgia is one of the most famous places to pursue a career in MBBS. It is another country where the Indian students went for MBBS. Universities in Georgia have cultivated a reputation for being student- centric and providing quality education with a pro-cross-cultural experience. Moreover, in comparison with MBBS abroad, MBBS in Georgia gives value for money. MBBS universities in Georgia provide the best facilities for all the medical students and also allow those who haven’t passed the test of two languages (IELTS or TOEFL). The country is very liberating in these cases. MBBS in Georgia is a platform where medical students can ensure themselves a high-paying job in some top medical farms and hospitals throughout the world. World-class research infrastructure to study MBBS in Georgia for Indian students is just a basic benefit provided by the medical colleges in Georgia, which are governed by the National Medical Commission (NMC) and World Health Organisation (WHO). There is a wish that every student studying medicine has: to add an international degree to their curriculum vitae. For students who wish to study MBBS in Europe, MBBS in Georgia is really worth considering. There are 25 NMC-approved medical universities in Georgia. The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia has granted accreditation to major institutions, colleges, and universities in Georgia. MBBS in Georgia is also famous among medical students for its low-cost medical education. Therefore, for Indian medical aspirants, MBBS in Georgia could be the right choice. It has a 100% literacy rate. It provides high-quality education on a low budget.

MBBS in Georgia:

Key Features: MBBS universities in Georgia Charge lesser fees, and there is no need for IELTS or TOEFL. It offers a 100% visa acceptance rate. A cut-price place to live, including monthly expenses. There are almost zero crime rates in Georgia. You can pay the fees in two instalments if you want. The students receive the best salary packages in Georgian medical universities. .

Why Study MBBS in Georgia:
  • Medical universities in Georgia are recognised by the WHO and NMC.
  • Providing an opportunity to conduct medical experiments and clinical clerkships right from the first semester, an MBBS in Georgia helps students enhance their skills and sharpen their mental abilities.
  • You can enjoy a relaxed and positive life on a budget in Georgia.
  • Georgian medical universities do not ask for any kind of donation.
  • The country is a source of some of the best medical internships and further education opportunities for students.
  • According to a survey, Georgia is counted as one of the 10 safest countries in the world to live in.
  • The universities in Georgia are well equipped with great technology and infrastructure.
  • Equipped with the latest technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure, the universities in Georgia offer a comprehensive learning environment.
  • All the medical universities in Georgia provide very good accommodation facilities to the students, and they also make Indian food easily available for the students.
  • Affordable fees and outstanding international faculties
  • You need to score a minimum of 50% to take admission in Georgian MBBS colleges. Based on 12 th  grade scores in physics, chemistry, and biology, the admission procedure for an MBBS in Georgia is easy and simple.
Eligibility Criteria to Study MBBS in Georgia:
  • To be eligible to study MBBS in Georgia in 2023, the student is required to be over 17 years old as of December 31, 2023.
  • Completion of 10+2 with Science You must have physics, chemistry, biology, and English as subjects in 10+2.
  • You must have physics, chemistry, biology, and English as subjects in 10+2.
  • You must secure at least 50% in your 10+2 examinations.
  • Students enrolled in an MBBS programme in Georgia are required by some universities to have a good IELTS or TOEFL score. The universities that don’t deem it necessary take personal interviews instead.
  • You must qualify for the NEET exam to apply for MBBS studies.