About Us

Who We are?

Edconplus Services is a team of abroad education consultants who had students in top universities in various countries for a number of years. We are connected to a large network of overseas consultants. Through this network, we are able to find the best solutions for each student, depending on specific requirements, standard test scores, and their academic merit.

Why choose Edconplus?

Core Values

Gain top knowledge in your area of expertise. Gain access to career services centres from your school and privileged job offers. Gain experience through your internship. Increase your job responsibilities and salary. A degree holder can work in both government & private sectors. A degree holder can work in various fields like education, defense, public sector, automotive and aerospace industries, healthcare, materials, technology, computing, energy and information technology.

Our goal is to be come a good and reputed organization in the Abroad Educational Consultancies.

Develop students’ skills for relating to culturally different others in various situations, such as academic settings, social venues, and professional environments, so that they may become aware of cultural differences, reflect upon them, and be comfortable living and working in diverse environments.